Welcome to the AI Scripting Encylopedia!

This is a resource that will include information on almost everything about AI scripting. This reference is currently in the early stages of development, and it will continue to be updated as more information is gathered.

What's Available?

You can find an exhaustive list of AI Commands and an exhaustive list of Parameters that go with those commands. Within each list, you can click on each item to find more details. Soon there will be a strategic numbers reference as well.

Lastly, you can find Resources and Tutorials. Pretty skimpy at the moment though!


If you want to help provide info or report an error, make a post in the AI Scripting Encyclopedia thread here.


Documentation credits go to the Ensemble Studios team for the CPSB guide. Also, thanks to scripter64, II2N (The Max), ER, and others who have gifted the community with own documentation notes. The bulk of UserPatch parameters have been documented by Leif Ericson based on scripter64's UserPatch guide.

Of course, huge thanks to scripter64 for his monumental work on the UserPatch and the dozens of scripters over the years who have gifted their knowledge to the scripting community. This documentation is a way to show gratitude for all of those scripters.

Happy scripting!